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Why Retrofit Asphalt Plants?

Why Retrofit Asphalt Plants?

Mar 23,2023
An asphalt mixing plant can last 20 or 30 years – or even longer. Over such a long service life, many things can change, including mixture formulation and quality requirements, as well as the rules and regulations operators must follow to maintain their license. PRIMACH helps customers and users meet all challenges of modernization through equipment transformation.

The retrofit solution of modernizing an existing asphalt mixing plant makes sense for a number of reasons and is often more beneficial than investing in a new plant. 
However, in many countries there is no new approval process to be completed when upgrading an existing plant. PRIMACH can formulate transformation plans for our partners to help them complete equipment upgrades. Clients benefit from the expertise and fairness for PRIMACH.

Parameters Affecting the "life" of an Asphalt Mixing Plant

Retrofit the asphalt mixing plant can improve the production efficiency and operation stability of the equipment, and can reduce production costs and energy consumption. At the same time, retrofitting and transformation can also improve the safety and environmental protection performance of equipment to meet the environmental protection requirements of the new era. In an increasingly competitive market, retrofitting asphalt mixing plants can help companies better adapt to market demand, enhance their core competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development. Here are the reasons why you need to retrofit your asphalt mixing plant:

- The customer demanded new, higher quality bitumen, which meant that the mill had to offer particularly suitable feed options.

- Emission standards enforced by law are becoming more stringent.

- While used bitumen recycling is becoming more common and driving down raw material costs, operators need the right technology to benefit from it.

- Dust and noise pollution controls are being tightened and must be met in order to retain operating licenses.

- The need for wider use of alternative fuels to fire mixing station burners.

There are many reasons why retrofit an asphalt mixing plant is considered the best investment for your business. Check out one of D&G MACHINERY's retrofit case study, and also open a new path for your asphalt plant.

A high-quality customer of PRIMACH, Ningbo Jiaogong Road Asphalt Co., Ltd. in China is mainly engaged in road asphalt pavement construction and sales of asphalt products. The equipment purchased from PRIMACH in 2006 and it has produced 4 million tons’ mixture in service for 16 years since it was put into production. In 2022, the advanced equipment can easily complete the excellent performance of annual output of 400,000 tons of materials.

For the asphalt plant equipment vibrating screen configuration is only 5 screens and 5 warehouses. How to better meet the diversified needs of the market is the main task of equipment production when different owners required different grades. Temporary screen replacement may solve part of the problem, but frequent screen replacement is definitely unacceptable. Based on it, how to solve this problem is very important.

PRIMACH R&D personnel determined the retrofitting plan according to the equipment usage and the customer needs, and retrofitted equipment from 5 screening, 5 warehouses to 6 screening, 6 warehouses. Meanwhile, we also have retrofitted hot mix storage bin and extended mix storage bin. Through this retrofitting, it can not only meet the requirements of different working conditions, but also extend the service life of the equipment, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of customer in the local market. 
Seven Reasons to Choose PRIMACH Retrofitting

1. State-of-the-art Technology: retrofit your asphalt mixing plant to the latest technical standards.

2. Asset Protection: Take action to ensure your site retains its license to operate.

3. Sustainability and Cost-effectiveness: Replacing components and integrating recycling technologies is a worthwhile investment.

4. Optimization and Efficiency: D&G MACHINERY's modern control technology improves plant performance.

5. Win-win: Factory renewal also helps to meet individual needs - in fact, some production solutions have been developed according to customers' ideas.

6. Improvement, Not Just Maintenance: According to the advice of D&G MACHINERY experts, factories always benefit from renovation.

7. Manufacturer Neutral: PRIMACH retrofit solutions can also be used for other manufacturers' equipment.

PRIMACH has rich experience and professional knowledge, and can provide tailor-made solutions according to the specific needs of customers. We have advanced technology and equipment, and can guarantee the quality and effect of the retrofitting. In addition, we also provide thoughtful after-sales service and support to ensure that the equipment can continue to exert stable production capacity after upgrading. If you want to retrofit your asphalt mixing plant, please contact us.